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Jaso Bunts

Jaso lays down a pretty sacrifice bunt down the first base line.  Mark Teixeira fields the ball and gives a look to Upton headed for second, but turns and flips the ball to Sabathia covering first for the sure out.

Sabathia then strikes out Brignac and gets Johnny Damon to ground out to 3B Alex Rodriguez to end the inning.  Game stays tied 0-0.

It's now the bottom of the Ninth, and the Rays are losing 2-1.  Matt Joyce sits on first thanks to a two-out walk courtesy of Yankees' closer Mariano RiveraCasey Kotchman, who entered the game in the top of the 8th as a defensive replacement, is up to bat.  For his career, Kotchman is 3-8 against Rivera (all singles) and one RBI.  Despite being a righty, Sean Rodriguez is ready to hit off the bench.  Do you:

Pinch hit with Sean Rodriguez, or

Stay with the Kotchman?