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You Put In Farnsworth

Kyle Farnsworth comes in with fire literally in his eyes...
Kyle Farnsworth comes in with fire literally in his eyes...

Price isn't happy about being pulled, but you pat him on the butt and tell him to "get 'em next time, kid."  When you see Kyle Farnsworth running in from the bullpen, you know you made the right decision.  There's a fire in his eyes... a literal fire.  On first base, Brett Gardner quakes at the heat of Farnsworth's fury.  When Farnsworth comes set, Gardner actually shortens his lead from first. 

On a 1-1 pitch, Farnsworth gets Jeter to ground into a double play to Brignac at short.  He then strikes out Cano on four pitches to end the inning.  Farnsworth and Jake McGee combine to hold the Yankees scoreless in the ninth.

Rays win, 1-0.  Jim Hickey leans in and says, "Hell of a game there, Joe."

After the game, everyone is in great spirits.  On a night such as this there are two things you can do.  On one hand there is a lot of preparation to go over for tomorrow's game.  Phil Hughes is on the mound and he's no slouch.  On the other hand, tonight was a big statement win and after a big statement win it's always nice to take in the sights at a local strip club called the Pink Pony.  So, do you:

Go home and make preparations for tomorrow's game, or

Go to the Pink Pony Strip Club?