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You Pinch Hit with SRod

You call Kotchman back to the bench and tell Sean Rodriguez to go be a hero.  Rivera starts off Rodriguez by, predictably, throwing a cutter in on his hands.  SRod fouls the first offering back into the stands and when Rivera throws the same pitch again, Sean looks foolish as he swings right through it.  The plethora of Yankee fans at the Trop are up on their feet as Rivera unleashes a third cutter on Rodriguez, but this time... it doesn't cut.  The pitch comes in flatter than a pancake and SRod crushes it deep into the left field stands for a game-winning, walk-off, two-run homer.  The howls and cries of Yankee fans are silenced by the roars and clangs of cowbells as the Rays players mob Rodriguez when he touches home.

Rays Win 3-2.

After the game, everyone is in great spirits.  On a night such as this there are two things you can do.  On one hand there is a lot of preparation to go over for tomorrow's game.  Phil Hughes is on the mound and he's no slouch.  On the other hand, tonight was a big statement win and after a big statement win it's always nice to take in the sights at a local strip club called the Pink Pony.  So, do you:

Go home and make preparations for tomorrow's game, or

go to the Pink Pony Strip Club?