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You Go to Mr. Hong's Chinese Palace

Love the location, but the note is a killer.
Love the location, but the note is a killer.

Mr. Hong's isn't very far from the Trop, and that's nice, because it isn't very good either.  Tonight is not about eating healthy, it's about eating enough to soak up your shame.  As you take a seat in the corner of the dimly-lit restaurant, you quickly open the menu to hide your face from the other customers.  You remember the time you came here and someone thought you were Joe Girardi and asked for your autograph.

On the menu only two things stick out to you, the always delicious Crab Rangoons, or "The Special."  You've never had "The Special" before, but Rangoons are a staple of Mr. Hong's.  Do you:

Order the Crab Rangoons, or

Order "The Special"?