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You Eat at the Trop

Think of this like a weapon in <em>Doom</em>.  BFHD?
Think of this like a weapon in Doom. BFHD?

The hollow sounds of cleanup crews washing the soiled stadium so that it may be reborn anew tomorrow surround you as you rove the halls looking for sustenance.  There are so many options during the game, but now, in the cold emptiness between games, the cupboard is seemingly bare.

You head to the Outback, but it's locked up tight for the night.  Maybe, just maybe, there's something going on in the Batter's Eye Restaurant, but when you arrive it's a ghost town.  A bank of lights powers off , but as your eyes adjust, you see an open service entrance behind a hotdog and nacho stand.  Take me out to the ballgame, indeed!

In the concessions stand you readily find the hotdogs and buns and--huzzah-- the burners light up instantly to your will.   This might turn out to be a good night after all. 

It's getting late and you realize you have to make a lot of preparations for tomorrow's game.  As you munch on your hotdog you take a stroll around the empty stadium... or is it?  You notice light and noise coming from the tbt* Party Deck.  Do you:

Go home and prepare for tomorrow's game, or

Investigate the tbt* Party Deck?