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You Buy a $12 Glass of Merlot at the Bar

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You walk to the bar and the bartender, Stacy, has your $12 glass of Merlot waiting for you when you sit. She's a hard worker, and appreciates her regulars. Through the hazy fog of the Pink Pony, you think about all the good decisions you made today, and how great of a manager you are. There really weren't any other options, were there?

As you sip your $12 Merlot, you watch Chastity dance on the stage. She's got talent--potential to be one of the all-time greats. Better than Princess, Trixie, and even Amber. She sees you at the bar and gives you a smoldering look before going back to the hoards of pathetic men waiving dollar bills at her.

"You understand now, don't you, Joe?"

You break your gaze from the stage and realize you're flanked by Andrew Friedman and Matt Silverman at the bar. Friedman speaks again,

"I see it in your eyes. Look at all those men throwing money at her. Sure, she'll take their hard earned dollars--her name's Chastity, not Charity--but see how she looks at you? See the desire in her eyes? She'll give them her talent, but she'll give you her soul."

You turn back to Friedman, but he and Silverman are gone. Vanished into thin air. Maybe they were never there...

A calm realization comes over you and your approach as manager of the Rays. You don't have all the money in the world, but maybe, just maybe, you don't need it. Maybe there are more important things...

As you consider the future, you also look back on your past and the choices you've made and think:

What Could I Have Done Differently?