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You Ignore the Knocking

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Whoever is knocking at this time of night is too rude to take up any of your time.  You close your eyes and drift off to sleep...

But only for a few moments as you are shaken awake by a dark figure.  The moonlight through the shades reveals the intruder's face.

"Ronnie Belliard?" you exclaim.  "Why are you naked?" (NSFW)

"Yes, it is I, Ronnie Belliard!  And, never mind that.  I've come for my roster spot."

"But, we saw through your ruse in spring training," you retort, "The Real Manny's played well for us."

"Yes you did, Joe.  But, I was signed by the Yankees, and now that we've finally come to town, I'm here for what's rightfully mine."

"Manny will never let you take his spot.  And I'll never start you."

Belliard chuckles and brushes back his blood-soaked dreadlocks,  "Mr. Ramirez has been taken care of. And as for you, Joe, I suppose my start shall be your end!"

Belliard laughs manically as he lifts a pair of gardening shears over his head.  In the milliseconds before your inevitable end, you look back on your life and the choices you've made and wonder:

What Could I Have Done Differently?