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Introduction to Sabermetrics Videos with the Bright House Sports Network


The "Intro. to Sabermetrics" videos featuring Tommy RancelJason Collette, and J.B. Long have all been posted and can now be found over at the Bright House Sports Network. Believe it or not, the Tampa Bay sport market has really been leading the way in embracing sabermetric statistics. I haven't heard of any other television stations doing something like this, and Tommy, Jason, and Jonah Keri have frequent radio spots on local talk radio. This market has come a long way in a few short years.

These videos serve as really good bare-bones entries into some of the important saber stats, so please digest them and let us know if you have any questions. We haven't had a sabermetrics Q&A in a while, so feel free to use this thread to ask all your questions that you've been afraid to ask elsewhere. Also, if you like the videos but would like to learn more about saber stats and principles, the new-and-improved Saber Library is a great resource.