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Rays Win, EminenceFront Wins Too

Congrats to the Extra 2% Week Contest Winner:
EminenceFront (@Josh_Frank), who won on the might of his Photoshopping skills, winning every single Shoptiontest.

Also, congrats, DRB, for making my most recent movie a resounding success:


The final Joints Leaderboard after the jump.

Game Recap (via SBN TB)
David Price went 5 strong innings on Saturday, allowing only 1 run on 2 hits and 2 walks, while striking out 6 batters. In total, the Rays pitchers combined for 12 total strikeout, en route to beating the Phillies 6-2.

The Rays offense went homer-happy in the 3rd and 4th innings, when Ben Zobrist, Johnny Damon, and Dan Johnson each hit one out — way out, in fact, as Damon and Johnson’s homers both left the park entirely. It was Zobrist and Damon’s first home runs of the Spring Training season, but Johnson’s second.

The offense, which surprisingly did not walk once, also collected extra base hits from Matt Joyce (a double and a triple), Reid Brignac (a double), and B.J. Upton (also a double, his fourth of the spring).

In four innings of work, Phillies starter Kyle Kendrick allowed 5 runs, all coming through home runs. Ryan Madson pitched masterfully, allowing only 1 hit in 2 innings of work, while striking out the other 6 Rays he faced.

Madson’s pitching, however, did not matter as the Rays relief corps allowed only one run to cross in the 8th inning, securing a Tampa Bay victory.

The Tampa Bay Rays will be in action again tomorrow, taking on the Toronto Blue Jays at 1:05 pm EST.

The final leaderboard!

I want to thank everyone for making this week great! It literally would not have happened without DRB Users fighting over Joints.

I also want to thank several users who participated despite their hatred for me. Kudos to you guys for overlooking my personality shortcomings and intellectual deficiency, finding a way to enjoy this week despite me. Though most of you scored little to no joints, I want to let you know: You have won all the joints in my heart.