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Cesar Cabral Re-Claimed By Rays

This just about blew my mind when I saw it on Twitter. From Marc Topkin:

#Rays have claimed LHP Cesar Cabral on waivers back from #Jays, who had claimed him Saturday.

While Cabral is now back with the Rays, I doubt this means he's still in the mix for a spot in the Opening Day bullpen. It is possible, but it seems much more likely that the Rays are either trying to purchase his right from the Red Sox or return him and get the bit of money that's the result of returning a Rule 5 pick. Cabral has been decent so far this spring (3.2 IP, 4.91 ERA, 4 K, 2 BB), but it hasn't sounded as though his stuff has excited Maddon or the Rays. For him to make the jump from Single-A to the Majors, he'd need to be creating quite some buzz by this point.

These roster shenanigans are a bit odd, but not too unexpected when it comes to the Rays. I find it humorous that the Rays and Jays keep going back at each other on relievers, though, as the Blue Jays stole many of our relief targets this off season. It's like the two clubs can't help but try and one-up the other.