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TPR11: Choose Your Free Chapter!

As many DRaysBay readers know, several of the heavy hitters here in the Rays blogosphere have been putting together a little book, entitled The Process Report 2011, or TPR11. Oddly, bums such as myself have also helped out. The book features complete player profiles for the Tampa Bay Rays and AL East previews, as well as a multitude of high quality, Rays-related articles.

TPR11 drops in three days, on 3/21. As part of an extended preview, we want to give one chapter of it away for free!

WHAT?! Yes, you read that correctly. The ever-suspicious, possibly android R.J. Anderson wants to know which chapter we DRBers would like to read, and then he will graciously open the vault of his digital castle, allowing anyone a tasty sample of the book's well-measured articles.

So, what'll it be, hun?