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Fun With Rays Photo Day

The team pictures that are taken every spring give us picture upon picture of free entertainment. This season the Rays took some of the "best" in baseball. I'm a bit late on this, but here are some of my favorites. Feel free to make your own comments/captions.


1. Manny. Chillin.


2. When they open the briefcase in "Pulp Fiction" I imagine this face is whats inside.


3. Chris Archer couldn't look more disinterested. "Hurry up at snap the picture so I can go back to sending motivational tweets."



4. "I have two sisters, one of them’s named Wendy. If you asked Wendy if I was weird she’d probably say, "Yea." But that’s messed up, ‘cause she’s weird, ‘cause she has a husband and two children and they have a family photo on top of their VCR where they’re all looking slightly to the left as though somethings going on over there.

The camera is right in front of you, but I guess something happened to the left, and it made everybody happy."



5.  Matt Bush didn't throw that ball in the air. Like all former top overall draft picks, he can control objects with his mind.



6. Bert-sesame-street1_medium ?



7. I love this one for the simple fact that it looks like it was taken five minutes after Cruz signed. The hat with the MLB sticker under the crumpled brim says it all.



 8. I realize you want to make a name for yourself, Chris Carter. Something to distinguish yourself from the other baseball playing Chris Carter. But Gabe Kapler already did the bat-on-the-shoulders trick:



Moving on to the coup de grace...


9. No, Dave Martinez is not reprising the role of Richard Kimble in "The Fugitive". That's just what his face looks like, and humanity is better because of it.