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'The Process Report 2011' Release

The long wait is over!
The long wait is over!

We've been waiting for this day for a long time. The Process Report 2011 is now available for sale: go here for the PDF, here for a paperback copy, or here for reviews and excerpts.

This book does differ from the annuals we've put together for DRaysBay in the past, but you can read up on all the details if you're unsure what it includes. In short, we have a wide collection of essays on the Rays, as well as player profiles on all the players currently on the 40-man roster (plus some). It's written in a style we hope will make it enjoyable for both casual fans and hardcore saberists, and we like to think it's the most comprehensive season guide on the Rays you'll find anywhere.

TPR11 does cost a bit of money ($9.80 for the PDF, $14.80 for the paperback), but please realize that this is the one piece of our content all year that we're charging you for. If you enjoy the work me, Tommy, RJ, Jason, etc., provide for free on a daily basis, we'd really appreciate the support. We put a lot of work into making this as professional as possible, and we like to think the work shows through.

Also, please note that the PDF is in full color, while the paperback is in black and white on the inside due to printing costs.

If you head over to The Process Report, you'll find a free copy of one of the chapters up now. Also, we'll have details for you within the next couple days on a combined TPR/Extra 2% event we'll be hosting on Sunday, April 17th. We've reserved a block of tickets for the Rays game that day - Rays vs. Twins - and Jonah Keri and many of us Rays bloggers are planning to be there. But again, details to follow.

Click here to order the PDF, here to order a paperback copy, or here to check out the reviews and excerpts.