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The Process Report 2011: Take a Peek!

I got my physical copy of The Process Report 2011 in the mail today, so I figured I'd share some pictures of what it looks like. Our man Josh Frank was in charge of the visuals and making the book pop, and even in black and white in the inside, the visuals look amazing.


Remember, at the moment, you can purchase the book in either PDF form or paperback. We're working on getting it turned into Kindle format, but that's not quite ready yet.


It's a great size - I'm glad we didn't go smaller. It makes it much more convenient to read, and you get the full effect of all the visuals.


Jonah Keri, h/t r/a!


I still hold that we were the first place to really bring "trade strings" into use. I'm sure that's not true, but I like to believe it anyway.


The player profiles are really fun, but I realize that I wrote a lot for them. If you read a profile that's almost spilling off the page, whoops, that's me.