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Process Report and Extra 2% Ballpark Event

We discussed about this idea of doing a ballpark event before, and due to general interest, we've reserved a block of 50 tickets to the Rays game on Sunday, April 17th. Here are the details:

Who: Twins vs. Rays
Game Time: 1:40 PM
Seat Location: tbt* Party Deck
Cost: $10

Jonah Keri will be coming to the game, as well as noted members of the Rays blogosphere from The Process Report, Dock of the Rays, and DRaysBay. For people that arrive at the game early, we'll have a little pregame chat with Jonah and the rest of us, and I have no doubt that there will be much nerdy baseball chatter. The price of the ticket is lower than what you'd normally pay for seats in the Party Deck, so you'd be essentially getting to go to a great baseball game at a discount price, while also meeting some pretty cool (and by cool, I mean exceptionally geeky) people.

We've also got some plans in the works for an event (details TBA) either before or after the game. This event wouldn't cost anything extra for people to come to, but Jonah will have copies of his book there for sale and may be doing a book signing. And hey, we could always do a book signing for The Process Report 2011 too if people want us to sign their laptops. We're hoping to do this event somewhere informal and fun (e.g. Ferg's), but we'll let you all know details as soon as we finalize things.

So if you'd like to come, enter your email address into the little box below. Payments will be done using PayPal, so I'll take the first 50 names that respond and email them directions about how to pay (it won't be tough, trust me). If we get enough people that are interested in having seats to the event, then I can always expand our ticket reservation, but I'd like to see how many people are willing to pay for a ticket before we do that. So if you're interested, regardless of if you think we've already reached 50 or not, put your email down so we know you'd like to come.