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Sunday Morning Rays Notes: Stadium Talk, Archer, Kotchman

A lot of interesting information has come out today. First, we'll start with Stuart Sternberg's comments regarding the Rays' stadium issue.

Courtesy of Mark Topkin:

Sternberg suggests there has been some slight progress, "nothing dramatic," but "a larger circle of acceptance that something should be done." But there seemingly won't be any real movement until either St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster allows the Rays to look at sites outside the city limits, as they've requested, or, conceivably, a plan is presented that works in the city and they accept it.

About the Rays being the last team without a new stadium:

It seems clearer to me by the day that we're going to be the last man standing," Sternberg said. "And everything I know, and talking to these guys, baseball is just not going to stand for it anymore. And they'll find a place for me. They won't find a place here though. So it's up to us, to everybody, to figure out how to get it right. …

"We've come so far with this, with all the people who are interested and watching. I do believe we've grabbed into (them) a little bit, and to say it's a good thing, it's fun, it's good for your kids, it's a nice sport. … And that's my real concern, that we won't get to finish the job that I know we were right there to do."

The "they'll find a place for me" line is slightly troubling. Please "finish the job" Mr. Sternberg. However possible.

Other notes:

  • Chris Archer will start the season at AA Montgomery. The tandem of him and Matt Moore will certainly be a treat to watch for the Biscuit faithful..
  • Maddon said the Rays "Like (Kotchman) a lot." Adding, "We want to see him on a more consistent basis provide that kind of offense and continue to play that kind of defense." The basic sentiment being: Spring stats don't matter.