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Site Announcement: Please Welcome Jason & Jason from Dock of the Rays

h/t Jason Collette (for the last time?)
h/t Jason Collette (for the last time?)

Here at DRaysBay, we love to tip our hat (h/t!) to fellow writers whenever we see an impressive article at another site. I like to think that the Rays blogosphere is one of the deepest and most talented of all the online baseball communities (although I'm obviously biased), and so we've passed along many, many links and "hat tips" to you readers this off season. Of all the places we've linked to, though, I don't think there's another site we've referenced as often as Dock of the Rays. So it's only fitting that today, right before the 2011 season gets underway, we're merging DRaysBay and Dock of the Rays.

As most of you probably know, Dock has been run by Jason Collette and Jason Hanselman, two of the best writers and analysts in the Rays blogosphere. Collette is a man of many hats: he writes at Baseball Prospectus, Rotowire, and ESPN1040, while also contributing to past DRaysBay Annuals and The Process Report 2011. He's a frequent guest on local radio and is currently a Rays Insider for ESPN1040. His work has also appeared on the Bright House Sports Network, in both print and video form.

Hanselman is probably the preeminent researcher among Rays bloggers, and his work over at Dock this off season has been some of the most unique and detailed research on the Rays to be found anywhere. He's been linked to by Tom Tango over at The Book Blog multiple times, and Peter Gammons recently tweeted a link to one of his articles. He's an incredibly knowledgeable writer, and I know you'll all enjoy his work.

We'll be announcing some more staff additions over the course of the next week, but in the meantime, please welcome both Jason and Jason. They'll both be contributing to DRaysBay on a regular basis, and I couldn't be more excited to have them writing here. I'm not sure what we're going to do with all these extra hat tips lying around, but I'm sure we'll get by somehow.