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2011 Tampa Bay Rays Opening Day Roster


Joe Maddon took his time on the final few decisions, but his final decisions for the bullpen and bench were nothing groundbreaking. Juan Cruz was probably the most surprising selection for the bullpen, but that's mostly because he came into the spring much healthier than any of us expected; his performance this spring definitely justifies him getting a spot.

I also know that plenty of people here were hoping for Felipe Lopez to beat out Elliot Johnson for the final roster spot, but I'm personally glad Maddon chose to go with Elliot....and no, not because of Johnson's insane SCRAP and GRIT scores. Lopez is without a doubt the better batter of the two, but he's also very one-dimensional; he can hit, but that's about it. Johnson can fill in a variety of roles, bouncing around the diamond while providing two things the Rays love: good defense and aggressive baserunning. He provides the Rays with even more versatility, which is never a bad thing.

Only one more day until Rays baseball....