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The Extra 2% Week! A Contest to End All Contests!

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Greetings weary Internets traveler! As many online transients know already, Jonah Keri's much anticipated, much lauded new book, The Extra 2%, will be available to the ignorant masses at large, starting this Tuesday, March 8th.

In celebration of this extraordinary moment, DRaysBay will commence with THE WORLD'S LARGEST R/A! All this week, we will be posting Extra 2%-themed contests, articles, and features! As a chief component of The Extra 2% Week, we will have a running, fabulous contest!

Rules of the Said Fabulous Contest!
All week long, DRaysBay readers will receive opportunities to win Jonah Keri Points (or "Joints" for short) through a variety of contests. At the end of the week, the member with the most Joints wins a copy of -- you guessed it -- The Extra 2% by Jonah Keri and (bonus!) a copy of Dirk Hayhurst's The Bullpen Gospels (r/a's abound!)!

Nearly every day, we will have leaderboards to keep you DRBer's aware of the rankings. Here's a rundown of some of the activities we will have:

  • Daily Forecast the Stat! In each GDT, we will offer two Joints for correctly predicting previously determined stats -- such as: "Guess one player for each category: Who will get 2 Ks today? Who will hit a double today? A homer?" Naturally, predictions are inadmissible after the game starts.
  • Shoptiontests! Yes, Photoshop/Caption contests in which the top rec-receiver will earn Joints!
  • Other, Mysterious Things. If I was more generous in details, then these things wouldn't be Mysterious.
By Friday evening, we will crown a winner (the one with the most Joints, or the first DRBer to hit 42,069 Joints). Good luck to everyone! Now go and get some Joints!

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