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The Extra 2% Shoptiontest, Part 2: Lou Piniella

Marking our second entry in The Extra 2% week -- honoring, like, the first ever book ever written about the Rays, ever -- we will continue our to re-imagine the characters of the Rays history. This time, we will honor that famous-if-not-infamous dugout bandit, Lou Piniella.

For those new to the Rays, Piniella is the wily old manager for whom the (then) Devil Rays traded Randy Winn -- the franchise's best player.

During his tenure, Sweet Lou threw tantrums, talked in the tropes of Old School Baseball, and never mustered a winning season. The worst thing about Lou? Well, simply that we traded Randy Winn for him. Lou in many ways became an emblem of the team's general mismanagement.

This one goes out to you, Sweet Lou.

Contest Rules:

  • Most rec'd image = 10 Jonah Keri Point (or Joints)
  • Most rec'd caption = 10 Joints
  • 2nd most rec'd image or caption = 5 Joints