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DRB & Extra 2% Ballpark Event

We're all thrilled with the success The Extra 2% is having. Cracking the Amazon Top 100 list on your first day of release is pretty damn impressive. Those of us who have followed Jonah's work and interacted with him over the years couldn't be happier for him. I don't think I'm speaking out of turn when I say that he truly appreciates all of the support the communities at DRaysBay, The Process Report, and Dock of the Rays have given him. You'll now have a chance to show your support in person.

We'd like to organize a ballpark outing on Tuesday, April 5th as the Rays host the Angels at 6:40 pm. Like ballpark events put on by Fangraphs and Baseball Prospectus, we can try and block off a whole section of seats. It'll be a fun opportunity for us to come out of our mother's basements, put back a few pints, and take in the glorious game of baseball with Jonah, members of the Rays blogging community, etc. Ideally people would show up early, maybe around 5pm, but concerns about traffic and leaving work early are understood.

After the game we'll likely end up at Ferg's where the REAL party will begin (if you know what I mean). Jonah will likely bring some books to sell and I'm sure will sign your copy because he's Canadian, and Canadians are nice like that.

Again, this is all dependent on us getting enough people to come to make it worth Jonah's while.

To summarize:

What: Rays vs. Angels, including plenty of hobnobbing with Jonah and the crew from DRB, Dock, and TPR.

When: April 5th, 6:40pm (5pm if you can)

Where: Tropicana Field and probably Ferg's sports bar after the game

Cost: We can work on this once we have a good estimate on the number of responses

This is something we really want to do, so please respond to the poll below. Serious responses only, please. If you'd like to bring more than one person to the event please let us know in the comments. If you have any questions don't hesitate to e-mail me (ehahmann at