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3/9/11 GDT: Netherlands @ Rays, Blue Jays @ Rays

We've got a lot going on today. The Rays are playing two split-squad games, one in Charlotte against the Blue Jays and one in St. Pete against the Netherlands. Neither game has radio or television coverage listed in the game notes, which I find odd, so we may have to rely on Twitter for news here.

On the injury front, Topkin is reporting that Reid Brignac is expected back in the lineup on Thursday, but Brandon Guyer is going to miss a few days with a groin injury now too. There's no update on Jeremy Hellickson, which I assume means he's still on schedule to return to action this Friday.

When & Where: 1:05 PM 

Radio: None?

Pitching for the Rays vs. Blue Jays: RH Jeff Niemann, RH Cory Wade, RH Dane De La Rosa, LH Jake McGee, LH Cesar Ramos, RH Chris Archer

Pitching for the Rays vs. Netherlands: RH Chris Bootcheck, RH Jonah Bayliss, RH Richard De Los Santos, RH Dirk Hayhurst, RH Brian Baker

Rays Lineup: Courtesy of Marc Topkin:

vs. Blue Jays

Zobrist 2b
Damon lf
Longoria 3b
Ramirez dh
Joyce rf
Upton cf
Lopez 1b
Shoppach c
Olmedo ss    

vs. Netherlands

Beckham ss
Ruggiano cf
Kotchman dh
Carter rf
Canzler 3b
Anderson 1b
Mayora 2b
Vogt c
Furmaniak lf    

A month ago, I was contemplating coming down to Tampa Bay around this time and catching a few games, including the Netherlands game. Now I'm glad I didn't.

"Joints" predictions below the jump.

Joints Points Game Predictions:

  • Of the bullpen candidates throwing today (in other words, the non-Niemann pitchers), who will have the most strikeouts?
  • Which Rays player facing the Netherlands will have the most hits?
  • Which team will score more runs? The stacked squad against the Blue Jays, or the scrubs against the Netherlands? 
  • Bonus Point to the first person that can tell me who the heck "Mayora 2B" is (as in, what's his first name). No peeking! Points may also be awarded for creativity.