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DRaysBay - Process Report - Extra 2% Event Update

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EDIT: Re-promoted to the front page, so you're not going crazy if you think you've already read this.

So far, the planning for the DRB/Process Report/Extra 2% Ballpark Extravaganza has been going along swimmingly. Here are the details one more time:

Who: Twins vs. Rays
When: Sunday, April 17th
Game Time: 1:40 PM
Seat Location: tbt* Party Deck
Cost: $10

On Sunday, Jonah Keri, Jason Collette, Erik Hahmann, Tommy Rancel, and many of the DRaysBay bloggers will be in the back patio area of Ferg's from 12-1, and we'll have copies of The Extra 2% for sale. This part of the event won't cost anything extra for you to attend - just whatever you'd like to spend on adult sodas, books, and such. Anyone can feel free to drop by, and we're hoping to turn it into a really fun gathering.

After the gathering in Ferg's, we'll be heading over to the Trop early. Jonah Keri will be coming to the game, as well as noted members of the Rays blogosphere from The Process Report and DRaysBay. For people that arrive at the game early, we'll have a little pregame chat with Jonah and the rest of us, and I have no doubt that there will be much nerdy baseball chatter. The price of the ticket is lower than what you'd normally pay for seats in the Party Deck, so you'd be essentially getting to go to a great baseball game at a discount price, while also meeting some pretty cool (and by cool, I mean exceptionally geeky) people.

We're almost sold out of tickets for the game, so if you're interested, enter your name below and I'll get you the necessary information. If we have enough extra demand above the 50 slots we have reserved, we can always expand our reservation.