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Awwww Hells Yeah: Rays Beat Boston, 16-5

Fast-acting, heart-healthy bullet points:

  • We've oft discussed here and on Twitter and on The Process Report and everywhere else about Sam Fuld as an every day starter. Some people want him at the expense of Casey Kotchman, others would like to see Matt Joyce sitting on the pine, and even more think Fuld should take playing time from either man.

    Here's the fax: Sam Fuld is straight ballin' right now. Dude is fielding like a supah man and hitting like Manny Ramirez, peace be upon him. Today's line: 4 for 6, 1 HR, 1 triple, 2 doubles, and yet another re-dick-you-luss diving catch. He may have the true talent of a 1 WAR player, but he's looking about 4 WAR right now.
  • Johnny Damon hit another home run. That's pretty cool. He's looking less and less like Pat Burrell 2.0, which is a sigh of relief.
  • Umpire Tim Tschida crossed into the region of malpactrice. With Jeremy Hellickson alone, he flat-out blew 13 calls. That's 13 extra pitches Hell-boy had to make up for. Tschida -- and I don't often say this -- should be fired. Look at all the green inside the box, and then notice the one light red dot outside the box:


  • For a complete write-up on the game, check out Steve's recap on SBN Tampa Bay, the site to end all sites.