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The Rays Bullpen: Past and Present

I find this too funny. Here's a brief comparison of how certain relief pitchers have fared so far this season:


But yes, mainstream baseball analysts, our bullpen is our weakest link. Too bad we let all these pitchers go, huh?

  • Obviously, these are all small samples and so you shouldn't read too much into them. The most any of these pitchers has throw is four innings, so we're talking minuscule samples at the moment. I'm sure Rafael Soriano and Grant Balfour will end up being fine, and I'm also pretty confident that Jake McGee and Juan Cruz will turn it around too. And who knows, maybe the Rays bullpen will implode later this season, but so far so good; I merely find these numbers amusing at the moment.
  • Seriously, Terry Francona needs to learn how to use Dan Wheeler. So far this season, Wheeler has face 13 lefties and only 7 righties; that's not a recipe for success with him. (Actually, on second thought, I'd be fine if this trend continues. I'd love to see Joyce up against Wheeler in a close game.)
  • Balfour, Soriano, and Wheeler have both already blown games for their new teams....and the three of them are making $18 million combined this season, more than the Rays are paying their entire pitching staff (~$15 million).