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Rays (3-8) Beat Red Sox (2-9) In Pitchers Duel

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The Rays won their second game in a row on Tuesday night and are now 3-0 when I wear my lucky, unwashed Rays t-shirt. Though it's pretty obvious my attire decisions led the Rays to victory tonight, it did not hurt to have a strong showing from David Price, who went 7 and 2/3 innings, 3 strikeouts, 2 walks, and 2 HBPs.

He was matched by the leagues other ace lefty, Jon Lester. The Red Sox hurler complete 7 innings of work, striking out 8 Rays while walking 2 and hitting none, like a little girl. Meanwhile, the Rays OMG-WE'RE-GONNA-DIE bullpen added 4 high-leverage outs, sealing the evening's affair.

Some notes from the game:

  • Sam Fuld, the Legend, had a hit, a steal (6 for 6 on the year and leading the AL), and a fortunate groundout/fielder's choice that produced the Rays first and consummate lead of the evening.
  • Dan Johnson and Johnny Damon put together the Rays only two-hit nights. In a sign that the Rays still have some more regression to go, the Rays only gathered in two walks tonight (from Felipe Lopez and Ben Zobrist), despite working a number of deep counts.
  • FACT: Zobrist + Right Field = Awesome.
  • Fuld, Damon, and Zobrist all collected steals tonight, while Lopez got picked off. It's great to see the team back on base, terrorizing 39-year-old catchers. Also, Price started the game well, beaning Crawford then picking him off. After the game, he also shoved Crawford into his locker and took his digi-pet.
  • The Rays had 3 ground into double plays. Not a pretty sight, but it may portend more runs in the future. In the first 6 games, I don't think we had any GIDPs because we simply didn't have any base runners. It's nice to have those again. Base runners, that is.
  • Kyle Farnsworth got the save tonight and struck out two batters while doing it. Then a pinch-hitting David Ortiz almost tied the game with a deep fly to Zobrist.
  • This may end up being enough for the sweep. Tomorrow's forecast: "Tut, tut. Looks like rain."