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4/17/11 GDT: Happy Jonah Keri Day!


Who: Twins vs. Rays
Pitchers: Brian Duensing vs. Jeremy Hellickson
When: Today, 1:40 PM
Seat Location: tbt* Party Deck

Jason, Tommy, Erik, and Jonah Keri just finished with their ESPN1040 radio spot, and are now headed over to Ferg's to hang out before the game. Anyone is welcome to join them there - look for them on the back deck.

If you didn't purchase a ticket to the game, you can still buy a general tbt* Part Deck ticket for today's game and join the crew at the game. It should be a great time, so I hope lots of people go.

If you haven't bought your copy of The Extra 2% already, what are you waiting for? Oh, and of course, Happy Helloween!