Sit down for this one, todays lineup

So Damon is hurt, ok, we figured he wouldn't play, now can someone tell me why Felipe continues to clean up? Why would you bench Upton when you already are without Damon? Why isn't Rodriguez at 2B if Lopez is playing anyway? I don't really care that Johnson is on the bench also but good lord, Casey Kotchman, someone please trade us a 1B.

1. Sam Fuld (L) CF

2. Elliot Johnson (S) 2B

3. Matt Joyce (L) LF

4. Felipe Lopez (S) DH

5. Ben Zobrist (S) RF

6. Casey Kotchman (L) 1B

7. Sean Rodriguez (R) 3B

8. John Jaso (L) C

9. Reid Brignac (L) SS

Welcome back to Spring Training. We suck against Jackson as it is, perfect game time, Price....

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