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Rays Reads: The Sam Fuld Duct Tape Jersey Edition

Couple fun links I figured I'd pass along this morning before we get to Kevin's minor league review:

  • Wondering what to do with that Manny Ramirez t-shirt you have lying around your house? Turn it into a Sam Fuld jersey! Talk about #winning; this is one of the most original uses of duct tape I've seen in a while.
  • Tommy Rancel takes a look at Wade Davis' velocity this season. Normally decreased velocity is a sign that something is wrong - the pitcher is injured or something of that nature - but Tommy makes the case that it might be something different Davis' case. His strikeouts are way down so far this year, but maybe that's just because he's putting the emphasis on "pitching" rather than maximizing velocity.
  • Why are the Rays bunting so much recently? Not only have the Rays been bunting - they've been sacrifice bunting. RJ refreshes everyone's memory on why this is typically a bad strategy and is counterproductive for scoring, and tries to make some sense from this seemingly odd decision by Maddon. 
  • Evan Longoria is in a new commercial, but it's not nearly as good as his hat commercial. He actually just has a passing role in it, but on the plus side, we get to see him interact with one of the Milwaukee sausages.
  • Is Desmond Jennings knocking on the door for a call up? This article was written by SB Nation's fantasy blog, Roto Hardball, but it does make a good point with the Rays' shrinking depth, Jennings might get the call up sometime this season. I tend to think that decision all comes down to if the Rays deal BJ Upton at the trade deadline, which is very likely at this point. And if Jennings keeps raking down in Triple-A, that makes the decision all the easier.