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Rays Reads: Reid Brignac, Kyle Farnsworth, and the Rays' Bullpen

Photo from the <a href="" target="new">St. Pete Times</a>. So awesome!
Photo from the St. Pete Times. So awesome!
  • Oddly enough, there have already been some trade rumors buzzing. First, there were some very weak rumors floating out of Washington yesterday concerning B.J. Upton (which I covered at SBN TB, since I didn't think it was serious enough to deserve a full write up here), and now Beyond the Boxscore is idly speculating about Sam Fuld generating some trade interest. I tend to doubt anyone is going to overpay for Fuld, so I wouldn't hold your breath for that.
  • Chasing Reid Brignac: Tommy takes a look at Reid Brignac's season to date, and suggests some things he should adjust to improve his results going forward.
  • Early Impressions on Joel Peralta-Kyle Farnsworth End-Game Combination: I love this duo; they've been lights out so far this season.
  • Tampa Bay Bullpen Keys Dramatic Turnaround: Rob Neyer takes a look at how the Rays' bullpen is performing this season, noting how they've been one of the best in the majors despite all the preseason talk of doom and gloom.
  • Wade Davis Trading Velocity For Command: A mainstream look at Davis' success so far this season. I found the quotes from Davis and Maddon quite interesting; it definitely shows speed reduction is a conscious choice. There are also some good notes in there on Niemann's mechanics.