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GDT 4/22/11: Hellboy Vs. Others

Another start for Jeremy Hellickson and his 90 mph fastball today. Will he brang the magic or the tragic? Who knows?

The lineup per Marc Topkin:

Fuld lf
Damon dh
Upton cf
Lopez 3b
S-Rod 2b
Zobrist rf
D. Johnson 1b
Shoppach c
E. Johnson ss

Dan Johnson is back in the starting lineup after getting yesterday off. Johnson is a lefty -- like today's starter Jo-Jo Reyes -- but he has also exhibited a relatively neutral platoon both in the majors and minors. Felip Lopez will man third base again and return to his most surprising clean-up slot.

The vanilla Oreo stallionaire defense will be back tonight, featuring Sam Fuld in left field, B.J. Upton in center, and Ben Zobrist in right. This means the Rays best hitter of late, left-handed Matt Joyce, will warm the pine in deference to the left-handed starter.

Game time is slated for 7:07 p.m. ET, a perfectly acceptable time in Toronto.