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The Process Report 2011 Commercial

The season is underway, but today is on off day. What a perfect day for shameless self-promotion and synergistic advertisements! Hell, if you're reading this right now, you more than likely root or deeply care for the Tampa Bay Rays, so don't kid yourself. You know you want a copy of The Process Report 2011, of which I edited and contributed.

If you would like more information on The Process Report 2011, especially information on how to purchase it, head over to or follow through the jump.

Oh, so you'd like to know more about The Process Report 2011, eh? Well, BAM; bullets:


  • R.J. Anderson
  • Tommy Rancel
  • Jason Collette
  • Joe Pawlikowski
  • Steve Slowinski
  • Patrick Sullivan
  • Nicholas Macaluso
  • Bradley Woodrum
  • Josh Frank (visuals)
  • Jonah Keri (forward)
  • ...and possibly more! I can't remember.

Very very good. Like the bible, but better. I bet that RJ is a cutie patootie...

-nolenbbailey, 3/25/2011

Must-have for any Rays fan, but a pretty good read for any baseball fan too. The player profiles are very insightful, but it's the writing in the first half of the book that sets it apart. If you're scared there might be math, don't be - the analysis here is perfectly digestible.

-jkennedyramos, 3/28/2011

Very very good. Like the bible, but better. I bet that RJ is a stallion...

-nolenbbailey, 3/25/2011