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The 'Legend of Sam Fuld' Contest!

First things first: if you look at the top menu bar on DRaysBay, you'll see a new tab called "Tickets". If you click on that tab, you'll be brought to the DRaysBay TiqIQ store, where you can purchase secondhand, discounted tickets to all the Rays' games - both home and away. If you purchase a ticket through our TiqIQ store, a small percentage of the ticket price (about 5%) gets paid back to DRaysBay, where we'll use the money for monthly prize giveaways and to support our writers.

So if you like getting prizes or you like the work we do here and would like to support us, please purchase your Rays tickets through us. You could buy a ticket through TicketMaster or some other secondhand venue, but with this setup, some of your money is going back to support a site you like (and to provide you with free tickets!). We'll never ask for people to pay for our content, so this is a way you can support us without even going out of your way.

That bring me to our next announcement: our first prize giveaway of the year!

This is a "Legend of Sam Fuld" giveaway package, which includes a $35 giftcard  - in other words, the full monetary value of two ticket for the game on May 29th (the Sam Fuld cape giveaway day), a copy of Jonah Keri's "The Extra 2%" (which Fuld recently plugged on Twitter), and a Sam Fuld rookie card. And if you happen to win and you have a family larger than two people, we can talk and make the necessary adjustments.

To enter to win this package, you must go to the DRaysBay Facebook page, "Like" the status associated with this post, and comment with your best #legendofsamfuld-ism. At the end of the week, we'll choose a winner from the selection of comments, taking into consideration which comments the most other people Liked. Creativity trumps all, but having more Likes will certainly help your cause. So what are you waiting for? Spread the word!

There are a couple notes about TiqIQ after the jump.

TiqIQ Info:

  • I've used TiqIQ before on a couple occasions, and I wouldn't be promoting them unless I thought they would provide you guys with the best possible deal for tickets. They essentially serve as a search engine for secondhand tickets, combing through all the different secondhand sites (like StubHub, eBay, etc.) to find you the best deals available for each game. In my experience - although please share your personal stories in the comments - I've always found really good deals through them.
  • You won't find away games listed directly on the DRB TiqIQ page, but you can still purchase them through our store. Simply click the "See More Tickets" button, and then once you get directed to a new page, click the "Other Rays Games" button at the top. That should do the trick.
  • Every now and then, if there are really good deals to a particular game, we'll send out a Tweet to make everyone aware. This won't happen any more than once a week, and will probably only be an occasional feature. It's also the full extent of our self-promotion: I may include a link on the sidebar to the ticket store, but this deal won't affect our front-page content at all.