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Celebrating Our Users: Awesome DRB FanPosts

There have recently been a lot of excellent FanPosts, and I wanted to make sure people haven't been missing them. I can't front page every excellent FanPost due to our posting schedule, but these couple are really great and well worth a read.

Quality work like these will always get promoted in some way, so if you are writing a FanPost, try to use these as a template for what to do. You don't have to be a saberist to write a good article, as long as you are willing to put a bit of time into it and think critically. Instead of just slapping together 75 words, why not put in a bit of research and make your point more robust?

  • Is Hellickson Getting Squeezed? - Whelk makes a good case as to why Hellickson's walk rate might be inflated right now, due to him not getting many calls on the corner of the zone.
  • Do the Rays Really Have a Shot? - A number of reasons why fans shouldn't give up on the Rays this season, despite the early hole they got themselves into.
  • Rays Stay Streaky to End April - A look at some of the Rays' most hot and cold hitters. How did I not realize that Jaso has been hitting recently? That one surprised me.
  • The Art of the Complete Game - Do we still place too much value on complete games? What place do they have in an age of relief specialists?
  • What was Alex Cobb Tipping? - This is cheating a bit, as Kevin is one of our writers on DRB. But still, this shows visually how Cobb was tipping his fastball during this last start. Hopefully he can fix that going forward, as it's an obvious tell once you know what to look for.