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Prospect Discussion: Where Would The Draftees Rank?

Where would you rank Mikie Mahtook? via <a href=""></a>
Where would you rank Mikie Mahtook? via

Just a short prospect post today for me, but it's a question for everyone: How many of the 2011 draftees would rank in your personal top 10/20/30, assuming everyone signs? Difficulty: Try to avoid shiny new toy syndrome. Here's a (very) quick and dirty attempt using my latest top 30. What do you guys think?

1. Matt Moore
2. Desmond Jennings
3. Hak-Ju Lee
4. Brandon Guyer
5. Alex Cobb
6. Josh Sale
7. Alex Colome
8. Alex Torres
Taylor Guerrieri
9. Justin O'Conner
10. Drew Vettleson

11. Tim Beckham
12. Enny Romero
13. Chris Archer
Mikie Mahtook
14. Jake McGee
15. Ty Morrison
16. Nick Barnese
17. Tyler Bortnick
Granden Goetzman
18. Jake Thompson
19. Derek Dietrich
Brandon Martin
20. Luke Bailey

21. Wilking Rodriguez
22. Ryan Brett
Tyler Goeddel
23. Cody Rogers
24. Albert Suarez
Kes Carter
25. Todd Glaesmann
26. Robinson Chirinos
Lenny Linsky
27. Marquis Fleming
28. Jesse Hahn
Jake Hager
29. Joseph Cruz
30. C.J. Riefenhauser

I... think that's it. Guerrieri can rocket ahead of just about every pitcher except Moore, but not until he shows better consistency with his stuff and command. Mahtook's ceiling is pretty close to that of Guyer's, I think, so obviously he could move up as well. I'm a huge Granden Goetzman fan and I'm excited he's reportedly signing this week. I like Brandon Martin's set of tools better than Jake Hager who I slot in close to the very end. I also like Tyler Goeddel's ceiling but he needs to fill out first. Kes Carter is a sort of Mahtook-lite but with some possible platoon issues. I'm thinking I may have Lenny Linsky too low (given that McGee, also a reliever, is at #14), but I do have Linsky has the second-best relief prospect. 

Guys who just missed would be James Harris (love the athleticism) and Blake Snell, who each have nice ceilings but are quite raw. Same goes for Johnny Eierman. The two college lefties, Grayson Garvin and Ryan Carpenter, would also be close and who you prefer depends if you want a safe bet (Garvin) or ceiling risk (Carpenter). 

Agree? Disagree? Share your own in the comments. If you're looking for a quick baseline top 30 to use, consider mine(used above, obviously), Doug's, or BurGi's from RaysProspects.