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Rays Roundup: Father's Day Gift Idea Edition

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Couple quick links to pass along:

  • If you're looking for a good Father's Day gift, the Tampa Bay History Center is having a "Sports in Tampa Bay" display this weekend and father's will be admitted for free. The exhibit will include Lou Piniella's World Series trophy, which, ya know, has so much to do with Tampa Bay. (I joke, but the exhibit sounds really cool.)
  • Would the proposed realignment changes help the Rays or hurt them? Jonah Keri takes a stab at it, balancing lost revenue against wins gained, and he comes to the conclusion I think we all intuitively feel: root for realignment.
  • As we found out this past series, Adrian Gonzalez is really, really good at this baseball thing. He's going to be an annoying pain in our side for years to come, I guess.
  • After his "breakout" year last season, Delmon Young has been having a really rough time this season, seemingly losing all the progress he had made last year. Matt Garza FTW.
  • The trailer for the Moneyball movie is out. I've been rather skeptical about this whole endeavor, but the trailer doesn't look half bad.
  • Michael Shur writing about cricket? I don't know anything about cricket, but I'll gladly read anything written by Ken Tremendous.