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Andrew Friedman, Trade Master

In my piece in this Sunday's St. Pete Times, I went a bit more research-heavy. I decided to look at the results (so far) of all of Andrew Friedman's trades, calculating out how much value (as measured by WAR) he's brought into the franchise versus how much he's given up. 

I go into it all more in-depth in the piece, but here's a summary table with the results:







$124 mil.


$80 mil.


Team Control


You can find the full workbook of my data here. Obviously these results aren't 100% perfect, as some players are still playing and it doesn't really put a value on prospects, but I think it still goes to show how impressive Friedman has been in making trades. If you want to include draft picks, Friedman has brought in five through trades while only giving up at most 3.

And if you're new to sabermetrics and would like more information on the stat I used in this piece -- Wins Above Replacement (WAR) -- you can find a full primer here.