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2011 MLB Draft, Day Two: Live Blog and Open Thread

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Mikie Mahtook!
Mikie Mahtook!

If you're into the draft stuff and would like to chat it up as thing get started at noon, feel free to follow along here. If this isn't your cup of tea -- or you've just been drafted out -- we'll be carrying on with our regular coverage of the Rays. Hanselman has a cool post coming up at one, so you'll just have to make yourself comfortable until then.

The Rays have three two picks in the second round of the draft (75, 89), and then one pick in the third round (119). There are still plenty of exciting names on the board, including some big power guys, so let's see what happens.


2:53pm: Aaaand, I'm done. Teams are still selecting players, but we'll recap you on them later since we've hit the "Who knows?" part of the draft. Thanks for tuning in.

2:35pm: Pick #180 (5th round): Rays take Jonathan Davis, a third baseman, high schooler from California.

1:56pm: At pick #150, Rays take third baseman Riccio Torrez from Arizona State University. It sounds like he's got some power potential.

1:25pm: And with that, the Rays are done for the first three rounds. The draft's going to keep going on, but at this point, the Rays just have one pick in each round. We're starting to get pretty deep, so there's not much to say about each of the player selected. We'll try to keep blogging the results, but the action is definitely slowing down now.

1:20pm: At #119, the Rays took shortstop Johnny Eierman. He's a high schooler from Missouri, and it sounds like he's likely to move to the outfield. But he's got some good tools: he's really fast and has nice bat speed.

12:47pm: With their second pick of the day, the Rays took Lenny Linsky, a right-handed closer out of the University of Hawaii. According to Jim Callis, he has a hard sinker (96 MPH) and a "nasty" slider (89 MPH).

12:30pm: And the Rays' first pick is in. With their #75 pick, the Rays selected Granden Goetzman, a toolsy high school centerfielder that's committed to Florida Gulf Coast. Jim Callis has compared him to Jayson Werth, saying Goetzman has the chance to hit for power and average. For a video of his swing and skills, check out this.

12:22pm: The Pirates opened up the round taking Josh Bell, and the Cubs just took Dan Vogelbach. Shoot, and I'd just learned how to spell his name, too....