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Rays Go To Extras, Beat Angels 4-3

I'm not going to try and pretend. I have a hell of a cold, and a day job to boot, so I went to bed last night after the 3rd inning with the Rays leading 1-0. So I'm going to rely on you, the eagle-eyed reader, to explain just how the Rays pulled it out in extras.

Sure, I can read the box score, but I'd rather get the information from you all. I see that Shields pitched well into the 8th inning, but seemingly lost it and left the game with the bases loaded, which Bobby Abreu cleared with a double. John Jaso had a big 10th, drawing a walk, stealing third base, and scoring the game winning run. Reid Brignac probably had his best game of the season hitting a home run and laying down a sac bunt that scored Jaso. Justin Ruggiano doubled in a run, and Johnny Damon kept his on base streak alive to 34 games.

Any observations about the game you may have, please put them in the comments and help a brother out.

For more on the game, see the recap over at SB Tampa Bay.