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Rays Trade Values: #4 Casey Kotchman

Contract Status: $0.75 million, one year deal.

Rest of Season Projection: .337 wOBA

Trade Value: $6 million, one "B" grade prospect.

How wild is it to think that Casey Kotchman could have some legit trade value? Coming into this season...well, let's not bring all that up again. Let's just say, this has been one magical season.

But seriously: at this point, it's not unreasonable to think that Kotchman could provide a team with 1.0 WAR down the stretch run. Even if his offense regresses to what the projections expect - in short, having him hit .286 instead of .336 going forward - he would still produce around 1 WAR over the remainder of the season, as his defense is well above average. No matter how you look at it, that's a valuable acquisition...especially when you consider that he's signed to a cheap deal and doesn't have a large contract hanging over his head. If there's any contender out there that needs a first baseman, Kotchman could be a really attractive option.

Of course, there are some factors that keep Kotchman's value on the low side. His poor track record over recent seasons might scare some teams off, as they would likely prefer a more surefire addition to help them make a playoff push. Also, it's entirely possible that the Rays would prefer not to trade Kotchman. Right now, they don't have any other great option to insert at first base; if they traded away Kotchman, who exactly would play there for the remainder of the season? Damon? Joyce? DanJo?

None of these options are ideal, so if the Rays aren't getting blown away with offers, they may feel like it's not worth trading away Kotch. And the Magic of Kotch lives on.