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Rays Lose to A's 6-1

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At least this picture isn't melodramatic.
At least this picture isn't melodramatic.

I've sat at my computer for the last 20 minutes trying to think up a snazzy headline for this recap, and I just can't do it.  This game was the epitome of boring and lifeless on the Rays side of things.  Am I supposed to give David Price the losing headline, or perhaps the inept offense?  Maybe I should pick on the bullpen.  Well, I'm just going to get on with this recap, and I'll let y'all help me out with possible headlines in the comments if you so desire.

David Price pitched another subpar performance as he allowed four runs on seven hits and four walks while striking out four through six innings.  He allowed one run each in innings three through six and all runs came with two outs--kinda.  The first two runs both came via the sac fly with one out so, technically there were two outs when the run scored, but I feel that's kind of deceiving to say they were two out runs.  It makes them sound too clutch.  Either way, those sac flies were more clutch than the Rays with runners in scoring position since the offense wore the collar on RISP tonight.  That brings their total to 9-60 with runners in scoring position since the start of the road trip with Ben Zobrist rocking a 4-8. ("Kotchman-esque" h/t for Transplanted)

If you were looking for more on David Price, suffice it to say that he had good velocity, but little command of his secondary pitches, and new for tonight, his fastball as well.  4/4 K/BB is not what we've seen from the Velo Jesu this year, and it's certainly a shame (or whatever you want to call it) that it came against this A's team, in this cavernous ballpark. 

Jay Buente came in relief of Price and was equally ineffective.  Buente, who'll you'll remember wearing a Marlins uni the last time you saw him, allowed two runs on two hits and two walks in two innings and struck out just one, but it was on one heck of a deuce.  I believe Buente's family crest states, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em," so look for him to join the A's sooner than later.

Offensively, Ben Zobrist continued his hot hitting of late, producing the Rays lone run on a solo blast in the eighth inning.  That makes it back-to-back games with a homer for the Zorilla, and five straight with an extra base hit.  He also gave his best Genesis impression by drawing two walks.

Other notable offensive notes:  Matt Joyce racked up two stolen bases (on my fantasy bench) and launched a deep fly ball to center with "warning track power."  Casey Kotchman had two hits.  And, hey, only three K's by the offense against Brandon "Andrew" "Cy" McCarthy, so... yeah...

Biggest disappointment on the night was the fact that I had to make a deal with the lady to watch the late game tonight by watching an episode of White Collar beforehand.  "But, it's got that guy from Sex and the City!"  Talk about a bad trade.

Tomorrow, James Shields takes the bump against Trevor Cahill @ 10:05 PM so pack your jammies (spell check wants me to change this to 'jimmies' so pack those too, if you're so inclined).  With Shields on the hill facing Coco Crisp, I'm thinking the Rays need another episode of BRAWLFENSE to reignite the fires.  I'm telling y'all, that's where Brandon Gomes will show his true value.