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Andy Sonnanstine Optioned To Triple-A, Brandon Guyer Recalled

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From Marc Topkin:

#Rays Sonnanstine optioned to Durham, Guyer recalled    

After all our frustration over the roster these past couple days -- and our utter confusion over why Sonnanstine was still on the team -- my immediate reaction went somewhat along these lines:

  • HOLY %#&@!! ABOUT TIME!
  • Darn, it's somewhat sad that Jennings isn't the first one getting called up. But hey, he's injured right now and this is still really awesome news.
  • Guyer has got to be starting tomorrow, no? Otherwise, why would the Rays both to make this move right before the break?
  • Wait.....Sonny had an option this entire time? So we've been carrying him around in our bullpen this entire time because we wanted him there? That's really disappointing. And man, there was no reason to lose Cory Wade.

I'm 100% sure these moves had nothing to do with our rants the past few days on the site, but regardless, thanks Friedman and Co. all the same. It's been a glorious couple days for the Rays' roster. Wade Davis gets some time off? Check. Andy Sonnanstine is finally demoted? Check. And Brandon Guyer and Gomes are both promoted? Double check.

Welcome back to the major, Brandon Guyer. We're glad to have you.