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Rays Rankings In The MLB

Look at banner Michael!
Look at banner Michael!

It's all too easy when following a single team to focus on the negatives and ignore the positives, to think: "Oh our team is the absolute worst at this or that," without knowing that -- say -- fans in Seattle are saying the same thing.

Well, let's take the time today to delve into the statistics and see where the Rays do in fact rank in the MLB.

Note the two tabs at the top of the document. They offer the pitching and hitting analyses.

Some thoughts:

  • At least we don't have to watch the Astros' pitching or the Mariners' hitting. Geez.
  • Apparently the Cardinals and Mets are pleased to thumb their noses at the gains of good fielding.
  • With a 100 wRC+, there are a surprisingly large number of other teams beneath them. That's actually kind of encouraging -- and also a testament to the pitcher's paradise that is Tropicana Field.
  • Our pitching staff appears to be significantly underplaying its FIP and xFIP. That's a bit concerning, but it might be a product of the great fielders behind them.