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Series Preview: Toronto Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay Rays

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AKA: The Battle for Fourth Place. 

Tuesday, 7:10pm: Ricky Romero vs. David Price
Wednesday, 7:10pm: Carlos Villanueva vs. James Shields
Thursday, 12:10pm: Brett Cecil vs. Wade Davis

Offensively, the Blue Jays are a strong team. Jose Bautista is obviously amazing -- although he did post an almost-human .446 wOBA in July -- but the Jays are also getting strong offensive performances from Yunel Escobar (.363 wOBA), Adam Lind (.350), and Jose Molina (.361). And now that they can add Colby Rasmus to that mix (.332 wOBA in National League), they just keep getting better and better.

In all honesty, the Rays and Jays could be battling it out over the remainder of this season for fourth place in the AL East. The Jays are only a game and a half behind at the moment, meaning they'll move past the Rays if they win this series. The Rays have the pitching advantage in this series, so we just have to hope the offense shows up like it has the past couple of games.

BenZo and Deezy, please stay hot.