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Operation Devastation: Now In Action

Yesterday morning, Collette introduced us all to #OperationDevastation. Or as he put it:

Our challenge to you, as fans, is to make a sacrifice this week to re-appropriate funds to purchase a ticket to a game in this final homestand. Take your lunch to work the rest of the week. Drink water instead of paying for sodas or Starbucks everyday on your way to work. Skip the Crosstown Expressway and take the free roads to work... something. Crawford would be devastated to lose the post-season spot to the Rays, but it would be even more devastating for the Rays to return home after what we all hope is an even more successful road trip to another gathering of 13,000 fans on a Friday night.

Operation Devastation: send Carl Crawford home to Texas at the end of this month while he listens to the tens of thousands Rays fans CHEER from the stands and show the Rays how much you appreciate their efforts in 2011 by doing whatever you can to make at least one of the final home games. 

After talking with the Rays yesterday, we now have all the details. If you'd like to attend Friday night's game, we're able to offer $10 tickets through the site. The tickets are for the *tbt Party Deck, and if you order them through the link provided here, all but $1 of the Ticketmaster fees will be waived.

It's a pretty simple process. If you'd like to order tickets, go to this link and click the "Find Tickets" button. When prompted, enter the password "DRB" (must be capitalized), and then log into (or create) your Ticketmaster account. From there, it should all be relatively straightforward.

We would like to do more to subsidize these seats, but due to MLB's policies, we can only do so much on this end of things. But we do have site money from the ad campaigns that have gone on here over the last few months, and I'm definitely willing to reimburse people as much as possible for their expenses. If things are a bit tight for you financially and you'd still like to attend, just shoot me or Jason an email (can be found in our SBN profiles). And otherwise, we'll have more details on this later once we get an idea how many people are attending.

**UPDATE** -- the Rays are not charging for parking on Friday night so that's another $10+ money in savings for fans!