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Yankees Pitching Option Number Two: George Kontos

George Kontos is yet another decent pitching prospect for the Yankees, and will probably be next in after Dellin Betances in this final game of the regular season. In his minor league career, he's struck out 9.2 per nine innings and walked 2.6. Like Betances, he's already had to come back from surgery (Tommy John), but unlike Betances, he's not usually considered a future top of the rotation talent. The Yankees left him unprotected, and the Padres selected him in the 2010 Rule 5 Draft, but he was returned before the start of the season.

Coming out of the Yankees bullpen this September, Kontos has featured four-seam and two-seam fastballs, both of which sit right around 90mph. The four-seamer has very good rise, averaging over 10 inches, and the two seamer has more, but not spectacular, run. His out pitch is his hard slider, which hovers right around 85 mph, and has very good horizontal movement. The rising fastball/slider combo reportedly makes him a flyball pitcher.



Kontos is also reported to posses a change and a curve, but he hasn't thrown them in the majors yet, and I had trouble finding descriptions.