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The Rays Tank: The Band Getting Back Together?

In case you missed it last night, Scott Boras is getting ready to start dealing his cards.

We also know this because he and his client, Ryan Madson, came to terms with the Reds late last night on a one year deal. The exact terms were not discussed, but I am guessing there really was not $7M in the Rays' budget this time around for a closer. Since Boras and his agency are holding most of the free agent cards at this point, we should finally start seeing some kind of movement on the free agent market and potentially the reactionary trade market depending on who does and does not get what they need. We just need that Prince, err, Jack of Clubs to be played.

Other Rays-Related News:

  • Rancel reminds us that players have one week to file their arbitration figures meaning Burke Badenhop, J.P. Howell, Jeff Niemann, David Price, and B.J. Upton have some decisions to make with their respective agents. Upton has already been through the process and lost his case in 2010 and chose to agree to a pre-arbitration deal before last season. Upton is one of five players to go before the arbiter under the new ownership, but the scoreboard reads Team 5, Player 0. For a review of what the process is like, see this legacy article at Baseball Prospectus (free).
  • Speaking of BP, my colleague Christina Kahrl is not a fan of the Rays re-signing Johnny Damon but she did agree with me on a name that I first proposed back on December 1st.
  • Go check out the pitcher comps that @DodgerSims was kind enough to share with us in a fanpost
  • Sean Rodriguez has a Twitter account
  • RaysProspects has more to say about the 2012 Stone Crabs staff
  • The Orioles are staying in touch with Luke Scott who they non-tendered in December and remains one of the few names left on the free agent list for DH's.
  • Beyond the Boxscore ranks the Rays' Top 12 prospects
  • Seth McClung found himself another opportunity to try to get back to the majors for the first time since 2009. Big Red begat Grant Balfour so always be thankful the Brewers saw talent in McClung in 2007.
Non-Rays News:
  • MLBTR looks at the rapidly shrinking market for relievers desiring multi-year deals.
  • Keith Law is not taking a job with the Astros front office. His work and opinions are a valuable part of the public domain and it would have been missed.
  • If you thought this year's Hall of Fame discussions were interesting, just wait until next year!
  • What would you change in baseball? Here are two bold suggestions.