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The Rays Tank: Luke Scott Is Ours...All Ours

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There are a number of excellent stories that I want to pass along today, so let's jump right into it, shall we?

  • I meant to link to this yesterday, but I wrote up some analysis on the Luke Scott signing over at FanGraphs. I riffed on the same somewhat troubling statistics that Mr. Neg pointed out last night: Scott's weird home/away splits. My assumption is that the Rays obviously didn't feel like this was a large enough problem to cause a problem, so I'm optimistic. That said, the Trop is definitely going to suck away some of Scott's home run power.
  • Ever wondered what an epic poem about Elliot Johnson would look like? BPro's newest addition Adam Sobsey brings you "The Love Song of T.S. Elliot Johnson (A Utilityman Ballad)". I couldn't be more excited that BPro has nabbed Sobsey; any excuse to read more of his work is an okay one by me.
  • Do Quad-A players exist? Kevin Goldstein explores the topic and concludes that yes, there are players out there that can mash Triple-A but not make the transition to the majors. I suppose we saw evidence of that in early 2011 with Dan Johnson...*sigh*
  • Clay Davenport makes Cuban baseball stats available at his site, and he's used them to write a detailed post about Yoennis Cespedes. I still think the odds of the Rays making a run at Cespedes sit around 0.01%, but he's a fascinating player to read about.
  • Grant Brisbee points out MLB's ridiculous YouTube policy, noting how they won't let any of their content stay on YouTube if they can help it. No matter if someone posts a game on YouTube that can't be purchased at -- if MLB doesn't control it, they don't want you consuming it.
  • Cool charts, great research, and an excuse to rag on umpires? Yeah, I'll read that.
  • Dave Allen is the undisputed king of nifty charts, and he has a new toy: a database of the entire BBWAA Hall of Fame voting record. If you're curious how current players on the ballot might fare going forward, Allen's visuals will help you out.
  • And in possibly the best news of the day, Dave Cameron is cancer free! He still has to be on guard for a relapse for the next five years, but this is still a helluva awesome step.