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The Rays Tank: Maddon Contract Talks Progressing; Yoennis Cespedes Beyond Rays Reach

This should come as no surprise to anyone here, but the Rays' contract negotiations with Joe Maddon are progressing well. Maddon's deal is set to expire at the end of 2012, but there's been little to no talk of him going elsewhere -- he wants to be back and Friedman & Co. want him back. It's a perfect match, so the only question has been what the terms of the contract would be. Maddon last deal was for 3 years and would have paid him around $1.4 million for 2012, so I've got to imagine his next deal will be similar.

In other news, the Miami Marlins have possibly the best offseason strategy ever: "Aggressive right to the point of stupidity, but not quite there." That's how team president David Samson characterized the Marlins' plan for pursuing soon-to-be-free-agent Yoennis Cespedes, and honestly, couldn't it also apply to everything else they've done this year? It's the perfect tagline.

If the Marlins do plan on being so aggressive with Cespedes, then I imagine this will push the bidding up into the $50-60 million range, well beyond anything the Rays should be involved with.