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DRaysBay/KingDavid Show Spring Training Meat-Up*

*trademark pending

DRaysBay has never gotten around to giving our official endorsement to any local radio show, but it is no secret that The King David Show is our favorite. For one, Toby posts here and maybe if Shaun would ever stop pimping out his Twitter account (@RealShaunKing), he would post here too. The show brings us on as guests, references our material, and actually knows what wOBA and FIP stand for. If you're not already listening to them weekdays from 12-3 on 1010 AM or, change your mid-day listening habits.

We've teamed up to offer an opportunity to attend a Spring Training game in Port Charlotte, in style. Paradise Worldwide Transportation has been awesome enough to work with us to offer a deal to you that we are sure you will enjoy.
  • Round trip bus fare on one of Paradise's charter buses.
  • BYOB & your own food on the bus - as long as you're not a slob
  • 2 bay area pickups! One will likely be at the dog track on Gandy and the other will be in south Tampa
  • General Admission ticket to watch the Rays take on the Pirates on Sunday, March 11th (w/o any parking charges)
All of this for $35 per person and we will be accepting payments via Paypal for this. One hitch, we need to sell at least 40 seats for a 2nd bus. If we can't get 40, we have to cut it off at 29.

We will post the paypal information here in the morning but if this is something you are definitely game for, please let us know in the comments with a headcount AND pick-up location (no, not your house Hatfield) for your group so we can work with Paradise on the bus schedule.